Siamrajathanee Public Co., Ltd was established on 17 May 1976 by Mr. Mongkol Vimolchalao

Siamrajathanee we are formerly known as Siamrajathanee Co., Ltd. and we later changed to Siam Rajathanee Public Co., Ltd. which is effective from 8 July 2019 onwards.

We started out with agribusiness and consumer products. Later, our management team foresaw today's global business competition with cost reductions in various fields and reduced burden of government and non-governmental organizations. Therefore, it has expanded into the business of "Outsourcing Services for the Government and Private Sectors." For example, driver, clerical officer, operator, electrician, maintenance/repair technician, rental car and garden maintenance service. We assist in managing personnel and vehicles to control labor costs, reduce administrative burdens and effectively lead your organization to your goals.

More than 2,000 skillful drivers

Provided over 4,474 office workers

Recorded data more than 997,541 times

Siamrajathanee Public Co., Ltd is Thailand's leading outsourcing company focused on quality and service. We create a wide range of services to provide solutions that respond and precisely solve customer problems. We aim to develop people to keep up with the changes in order to push the organization towards its goals.

During more than 40 years of business, the company has always recognized that its customers are patrons and partners in the business. The company sincerely listens to suggestions and feedback. We are willing to continually improve our service to meet the needs of our customers under the ISO 9001: 2015 standard as stated in the quality policy. “Siamrajathanee Public Co., Ltd. is committed to provide utmost satisfaction for our customers "