The Company has the policy to pay dividends to shareholders at the rate of not less than 50% of the net profit after deducting corporate income tax and legal reserve each year. The company will consider the dividend payment by taking into account various factors in order to maximize the shareholders' benefits. The dividend payment must not have a significant impact on the normal operations of the Company. The aforementioned dividend payment is subject to change depending on operating results and financial status, liquidity, business expansion plans, future necessity and suitability, and other factors involved in the management of the Company. The company according to the opinion of the board of directors. The resolution of the board of directors approves the payment of dividends must be presented for approval from the shareholders' meeting, except in the case of interim dividend payments. The Board of Directors has the power to approve the operation when it considers that the company has sufficient profits to pay dividends without affecting the operations of the company and reports to the shareholders at the next meeting of shareholders.

The date of the board's resolution Marked date Dividend payment date Dividend Type Dividend Turnover date
11 Aug 2021 26 Aug 2021 10 Sep 2021 Paid in cash 0.20 01 Jan 2021 - 30 Jun 2021
23 Feb 2021 16 Apr 2021 07 May 2021 Paid in stock dividends and cash 0.20 01 Jul 2020 - 31 Dec 2020
10 Nov 2020 23 Nov 2020 09 Dec 2020 Paid in cash 0.16 01 Jan 2020 - 30 Jun 2020