We offer a wide range of information management services and online information management systems.

Our So Next is divided into 2 services: Data Solutions and S-Next.

Data Solutions is an electronic information and document management system. We offer a wide range of data and document management services, including document scanning services, data entry, and field recording services.

S-Next is a service that simplifies work. We have DIGIDOCS as an online document management system. Working documents more conveniently. CARPOOL system is a system for the allocation of car resources in the organization. The system works more systematically and TIKTRACK is a real-time employee attendance data management system, easy to use and able to check the information more conveniently.

Record more than 100 million data.

Served for more than 10 years.

Our services

Data Solutions
Data Solutions
professional document scanning and record keeping for government and private organizations for more than 30 years.
Simplify work processes for better efficiency with DIGIDOCS, CARPOOL and TIKTRACK systems.
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